Digital Download Live

Digital Download Live

An interactive event that pulls together the very latest
thought in all areas of digital communications

If you work in public relations or communications at any level, then Digital Download Live will benefit you.


Digital and social media communications are moving so fast now that traditional knowledge hierarchies are being flattened.


It doesn’t matter whether you work in a senior in-house position, run an agency, are working your way up the ladder or are a freelance consultant, those who are successful in the near future will be those who are willing to learn and who want to stay ahead of the game.


When it comes to digital communications, knowledge really is king.


That means understanding how automation, artificial intelligence and voice recognition are impacting communications. It means being able to talk to clients and stakeholders about how to make a financial ROI from Facebook and influencer marketing. It means knowing how to take advantage of podcasting and how to comply with GDPR.


If you have any interest in your organisation’s future or your own development, Digital Download Live is for you.

Collaborative Working


One of the cornerstones Digital Download Live is built upon is collaboration and knowledge-sharing. You won’t come and sit passively in a vacuous auditorium for six hours; you’ll meet like-minded individuals sat around tables rather than in endless rows. You’ll discuss ideas and opinions. You’ll form professional relationships that will last well beyond the day itself.


The London Art House is a beautiful and creative environment, so what better place to have a coffee and a chat with others? There will be plenty of opportunity to share stories throughout the day, and we’ll be retiring to one of Islington’s trendy bars once the event ends if you’d like to stick around and enjoy a drink.

Accessibility Information


Access around the venue: There is a ground floor entrance to the venue and the Conference Wing is on the ground floor with all rooms interlinking. This is a very small slope from the hallway into the Tadema Terrace.


Viewing platforms or areas: The Conference Room has a built-in stage allowing for greater visuals, with a projector displaying onto the back wall. A plasma screen is also located halfway down the room, relaying anything that is displayed on the stage.


Sound: There is surround sound in the Conference Room with access to microphones.


Assistance dogs: Assistance dogs are allowed at the London Art House. Water can be provided for the dog.


Disabled toilets: There is a disabled toilet in the Tadema Terrace on the ground floor. There is no obstruction to reach these facilities.


Parking: There is no onsite parking. Guests can be dropped off outside the main doors to the London Art House. There is a pavement outside the main doors.


Local public transport: There is a bus stop a few metres from the venue. Buses 38, 73 and 476 pass this stop from Angel station. There are no obstructions to reach this stop. Angel tube station is a 10-minute walk away. There are two escalators with no lift facilities.


If you have any specific questions regarding accessibility, please do not hesitate to contact me.

7th June 2018

The London Art House, Islington