[S3 E11] The One Where I’ve Got Something To Say

The public relations industry is one of the most insecure professions around. They might be universally despised, but traffic wardens believe in themselves more than PR people.

In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I address some of the conversations driving the industry over the last month and take the opportunity to voice some frustrations that have been building recently. It’s a very honest and forthright show containing some potentially divisive views. The intention is to help you think about your own role and where you would like to see the industry go in future.

Here’s what is discussed in this episode:

  • Whether many PR agencies supply little more than an administrative function
  • Whether there is a large disparity between the approaches of the large agencies and everyone else
  • Whether PR is losing the influencer marketing battle
  • Whether PR is tackling fake news in any meaningful way
  • Whether PR is booming or whether it’s in trouble
  • Whether all the introspection is harming public relations
  • Why we have to tackle a lack of recognition by doing great work
  • Whether the PR industry has a moral obligation to defend and protect the news media


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