[S3 E3] Fake News! How Misinformation is Impacting Communications

Last week Brewdog came under fire for a story that turned out not only to be untrue, but that came from a hard-to-identify source. It is the perfect example of the challenges facing brands in a post-Trump, post-Brexit world where misinformation holds as much if not more weight than the truth.

In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I discuss the phenomenon of fake news with Alex Myers, CEO of Brewdog’s PR agency, Manifest. He candidly opens up about the circumstances surrounding the story, and we go on to talk about the impact of fake news on the media, on individuals and on communications campaigns.

Here’s what is discussed in this episode:

  • How Brewdog became embroiled in a ‘fake news’ story
  • The value of great journalist relationships
  • Why reacting fast rather than perfectly is so important
  • How social media propagates fake news
  • Why dealing in absolutes not ambiguity is vital in a crisis situation
  • Why you should take responsibility even if something is not your fault
  • What the term ‘fake news’ actually means
  • How fake news is being used across digital media
  • How journalism is being impacted by social media stories
  • What the impact of fake news is upon communications campaigns
  • Why there is now a strong argument to go to traditional media before social media


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