[S2 E6] Give a Robot a Cuddle: A Review of Digital Download Live 2018

This episode of the Digital Download podcast was recorded live at Digital Download Live 2018. The event presented a challenging set of developments for the communications industry that necessitate ensuring you are up-to-speed with technological change, namely fake news, a potential crash in influencer marketing, the decline of content visibility and the threat of artificial intelligence. In today’s show, some of those attending Digital Download Live 2018 discuss what they heard at the event and what they feel we should do about it.

Here’s what’s discussed in this episode:

  • how important the human element of communications is
  • why we have to start investing in software tools now
  • how our job roles are changing
  • what software is already out there to help us
  • how people historically adapt to technological revolutions
  • how we can’t tell the difference between machine and human writing
  • what can communications teams do now to adapt to technological change
  • how and why fake news is affecting perceptions of the PR and communications industry
  • how data privacy is muddying the water still further for brands


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