[S1 E12] Defeating the Four Horsemen of Communications

In early March I wrote a blog post entitled ‘The Four Horsemen of the PR-pocalypse’. It outlined four key threats to the public relations industry, each of which represents a threat but in combination could quite possibly wipe out large swathes of agencies, freelancers and in-house communications practitioners. It created quite a stir within the industry.

This is the final show in Season One of the Digital Download podcast, and to round off the Season, founder of virtual PR agency Aby Hawker grills me about whether I really believe there is a ‘perfect storm’ gathering over the communications industry, and about how we as an industry can combat and defeat the elements creating this.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What the key findings of the 2018 State of the Profession report are
  • What the major challenges facing the PR industry are
  • Why there is a huge gap between the perception and reality of the threat of artificial intelligence
  • Why fake news, the decline of influencers, content visibility and automation are a huge threat to the communications industry
  • Why collaboration is key in keeping up with industry changes
  • Why ‘meaningful communications’ is vital to the future of the industry
  • Why the blend of workshops, Q&As and presentations make Digital Download Live different to other events
  • What the key themes and sessions at Digital Download Live are
  • Who this year’s special guests are
  • Why the myth of podcasting will be exploded at Digital Download Live
  • How to get tickets for this year’s event
  • What the value of joining a membership scheme is


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