[S1 E11] Cutting Through the Digital Communications Bulls**t

You know how sometimes you read the latest thoughts of a social media guru and get swept away by the wisdom they impart? You know how sometimes you can read two contradictory articles and be convinced by both of them? There’s a lot of rubbish out there in the world of digital communications.

In this straight-talking episode of the Digital Download podcast I chat to Danny Brown, a marketer with 20 years’ experience and formerly rated as one of the world’s most important marketing bloggers. I say formerly because a few years back he gave up blogging about marketing partly because he was sick of reading the same stuff from the same people and didn’t want to be part of the problem. Danny’s someone who’s not shy of giving an opinion, and in this show Danny and I talk about some of the rubbish we read about digital communications and how to cut through it.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why the volume of content in digital media is not the problem, it’s the value of that content that’s the issue
  • Why you’re failing with content marketing
  • Why content shock is just an excuse for poor messaging or poor delivery
  • Why traditional marketing holds up against digital marketing
  • Why truly integrated omnichannel marketing is by far the best option to increase purchase intent
  • Why the ‘go digital’ mantra is bullsh**t
  • Why the ‘impressions’ metric is bullsh**t
  • Why conventional measures of ‘influence’ are bulls**t
  • How to set metrics that actually mean something to a business
  • How to set true measures of influence
  • Why you should take control of your own internet privacy and stop whining about it


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