[S1 E5] How to Effectively Manage a Social Media Crisis

Barely a week goes by without one company or another attracting the ire of the mob on Twitter and Facebook. Brand trolling seems to have become an acceptable way to behave, causing no end of problems for the unwary and ill-prepared.

In this episode of the Digital Download podcast, I talk to Tamara Littleton, CEO of both The Social Element and crisis simulation platform Polpeo, about the rise of brand trolling and how companies can best deal with and prepare for a social media crisis.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Who the four adversaries you will encounter in a social media crisis are
  • What categorises and motivates trolls and mobs
  • What doxing and swatting are
  • Why tone of voice, empathy and sincerity are so important in a crisis situation
  • When and how to apologise
  • How to tame the angry mob
  • How to deal with issues concerning activists and influencers
  • How to prepare for a social media crisis


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